Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a teeny weeny bit to go...

Im back.
So as requested, im gonna put up some websites which i think are good and worth the money!

Prices range from $20-$35.

Some of their clothes are exclusive and really unique pieces which you cant find it anywhere else.

Personally , i have bought from all of them and you can be assured that they are professional and efficient !

Have fun shopping!

#1 The Scarlet Room

#2 Runway Bandits

#3 ChicMoss
#4 Indiesin
#5 Whatisdope

#5 Little Red Heels
Keep the requests coming in yeah!
So far, i've been asked to do a fake eyelash tutorial and prom makeups.
I'll start on it soon!
P/S I'll be back with a proper post soon. Meanwhile, PLEASE PLEASE CLICK ON MY NUFFNANGGG!

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