Thursday, November 4, 2010

I just have the sudden urge to write this.
My blog may be plain. It may be boring and doesnt have a lot of readers.
Unlike famous bloggers like XX , Qiuqiu and Zoe.

But when i receive comments like, ' you got what it takes' , 'rock on! i love your scarf', 'i love your boots' , simple words like these really do MAKE MY DAY.

Whenever i see:

I get all hyped up and excited.

I dont know why but maybe, it's because im always looking forward to people giving their feedbacks and suggestions.

I dont mind even if it's a Hater's comment. At least i will learn how to accept criticism and improve :)

Im going to reach my 1000 readers soon
( yes i know , it's ONLY 1000 but you know what? to me, it's a big achievement :D )

And im going to have a giveaway once the flag counter hits 1000 Singapore Flags !

So , i really hope you guys will continue coming to my blog and give me your sincere-st feedbacks ( i do appreciate! <33 ).

With lots and lots of love,

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