Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's funny how you can make me smile ,

Hey guys!
I guess this would be the last time i'll be updating my blog. ( if i can overcome the temptation , that is)
No , im not deleting my blog . I'm just disconnecting myself from this virtual space
till my O levels are over!
Or maybe i would just update once or twice a month ):

Oh! My bro helped me to take pictures of the items i've bought from Topshop!
And i've also tried out ParkBom(2ne1)'s Funky eyes from Try to follow me?
BUT STILL , it was a failed attempt.

These pictures below are taken yesterday!
I went iceskating. And i fell once. My butt hurts T.T
Also , i went SHOPPING!
Bought a floral dress , a pair of earrings and a flower clip.


I really need you guys to help click!

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