Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trust not.

You got scouted by a modelling agency.

You took their namecard and gave them your contact number.

You're stoked. You're finally noticed by people.


They called, asking you to go down for an interview. Is this even real?

You went down with thoughts of the fame and wealth you'll be getting in your mind.

As they try to convince you with the perks of joining them, you get increasingly interested.

"you got the looks. You have the talent. Our company NEEDS people like you."

Wait. They're not done yet.

"All you have to do is to pay $xxx for your portfolio and we can start marketing you."


Where are you going to find that much money?

"you can put $50 as deposit first. We'll then confirm the date and time for your photoshoot. You can pay the rest on the day of your photoshoot. We also have a marketing fee which will be deducted from your assignments."

Thinking of the amt of money you can earn after being a "model",you hesitantly agreed.

Weeks later, portfolio done. Payment done. You waited impatiently for your 1st assignment.

Hi, this is an availability check for ****** event

Event Date-

3/12, saturday


Job scope-


Dress code-


If you're interested, kindly revert in this format-<*** event, ur name> by 4pm



Hell yeah! Your first assignment!

As months passed and after a few assignments, you cleared your

so called marketing fees.

After a while, you received lesser assignments and you're starting to doubt the company. But what can you do? You haven't earn back enough to cover what you've forked out.

You're left hanging there. Not bring able to back out or move on.

Don't be fooled. Or get blinded by fame or wealth. These agencies target youths like us. Absorbing 50% of our 'pay out' every time we get an assignment. Having little respect for us.

    If i get to go back in time, i would have rejected them straight in their god damn face.

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