Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've picked out the top 5 items on my Christmas wishlist!

1. Metallic oversized clutch

I've been looking for something like this for the longest time. I was hoping it would cost below $30 but till now i cant find something that is within that amount. Clutches like this are best for dinners and parties! You can fit a ton of things inside cause they are extremely spacious.

2. Statement Jewelleries

I'm a huge fan of chunky jewelleries. To me , they stand out. Spikes are making a comeback from the 80's. You can find them easily from Topshop and Forever21. This piece below is from Topshop.

The ring below the necklace is from ASOS. I've been in love with rings like that. It's edgy and catches attention.

Last but not least , i've been going GAGA over cuffs. From cuff chokers to cuff bracelets, it gives you the WONDERWOMAN kind of look. At least to me. ;) GOTTA OWN THEM!

3. Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk in Red Distressed
Awesome shitzzzzzz here! How can anyone not love this! This pair of kicks, is ready to kill. ANYTIME. I wonder if it gives you blisters though.

5. Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette

It's finally here! Heard of it for the longest time already! Wanna get my hands of it but it's really pricey. But it's been all the rage now and many makeup gurus on youtube are recommending it!

Dear Santa , you know what to do ;)

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