Saturday, December 17, 2011


YAY! IT'S UP! Went to the National Museum ytd to do this shoot. A pity we didn't get to try other settings due to the rain and strict rules of the museum.

Had to pay $150/hr if we're going into the museum to shoot. DAMN.
Anyways , the pretty lady with me is Giselle. She's my classmate's sister. I met her only once before i asked her to do this shoot. Kinda funny huh.

The photographer was Caleb. We used to work together. Me and him were both into photography and so! I asked him along! We weren't close so I'm quite thankful he's willing to help me out.

Will probably be doing 1 more makeup tutorial video and 1 more blog entry before 2011 comes to an end.
Tell me what you think of the photos!

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