Sunday, June 19, 2011


It took me hell lots of courage to do this post because I know people will laugh and tease me after that.
But it's okay. I'm gonna do it anyways.

So , this is me during Chinese New Year in 2005. I've worn specs all my life.
If i'm not wrong , i was 10 back then.

This was taken in June 2006. You can see that i had absolutely no fashion sense back then. I loved to dress in tight t-shirt and just berms. AND LOOK AT MY HIDEOUS HAIR AND MY FAT BODY.

A year later.... I wasnt ANY better. This was taken during my 12th birthday. UMM..
i actually have nothing to say about this photo. Not much difference from last year?

2008 CNY , I got my hair rebonded and BELIEVE IT OR NOT , MY TOP IS FROM THISFASHION(!!!) .

14th Birthday. My hair grew longer, I've found out about circle lenses and I'm proud to say my fashion sense did improved. ( Can't tell from here , but I started to dress up more.)

23rd Jan 2010: I chopped off my hair , learnt to shop online, slimmed down a little and started to put on makeup.

Had to print screen from fb -.- This was a few months after the above picture. Also taken in 2010.

2011 - if you read my previous blogposts in 2011 , you can see that fashion has been the centre of my life and too. I was an ugly duckling before.

Even till now , i suffer from low self-esteem and I'm still mindful of what people think about me.

I'm trying to change my mindset and be more confident about myself ; my appearance and my body.

To everyone out there , love your body , yourself because you are a GIFT from God. God made you this way for a reason.

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