Monday, February 21, 2011

When you think God has been unfair to you,

It's really inspirational. You read their stories and realised. WOW. i never knew that such people exist. And then you would think about yourself. how fortunate you are.
Stories i thought was the best:

"I wish I was a kid again.

Having such an innocent mind, not
knowing what ugly there is out in the world...
thinking everybody is
beautiful, and not caring about gender, race or sexuality.

How come when
we grow up, we turn into such mean, judgmental people?"

"I'm a bully.

I criticize her every day. I make fun of her constantly.

Not just for how she looks now, but for how big she used to be.

I never give her compliments and chew her out for nearly everything she does.

I tell her she's worthless multiple times a day.

The thing is, the girl I make fun of is me. "

"Today my parents informed me I am going to a fat camp all summer.

Truth is, I'm 16, 170 pounds, 5'8, and madly in love with my curves.

I wouldn't change my look for anything.

My parents said I'll be happier, and will love myself more once I get skinny and pretty.

Society, what have you done to us?"

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