Friday, December 31, 2010

Life's like this.

Happy new year eve !
It's the last post of the year and i swore to end it with a bang!
So...I'm supposed to reflect on 2010..
And i'll just do it briefly.
2010 has been crazy and fun.
I've learnt new stuff , tried MANY new things , made new friends and.... found true love.
I've been brave , I've been hurt , but I've been happy and contented most of the time.
I learnt to love. to give and to forgive.
Oh , and also, I learnt to be satisfied with what i have.
2011 is coming and I just want it to be better than this year.

Live every act fully, as if it were your last.

No, don't ever live with regrets. Do what you think is right even when others
think otherwise. Be

Last but not least, happy new year eve everyone! :D

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