Monday, November 15, 2010



Well, since young , i dont have a room of my own. It's sad,i guess.

But now that im gonna have one, im gonna start planning!
For me, i dont like a spacious bedroom.

I prefer a cosy and simple one.
And of course, it has to be stylish and something that is original.
Also, it must have the 'me' factor in it.

So i've picked out some bedroom ideas which i felt would help in the designing of my room!

Idea #1: Love how everything is squeezed together. But colourwise, nope. I dont really like it.
Idea #2 Lavender colour! Im digging that lilac chair. OMO.
Idea #3 Simplicity. Bed beside the study table. Study table beside the wardrobe. That's how i like my room to be.
Idea #4 The wallpaper is dope. And the magenta bedsheets and wardrobe is just awesomo.

Idea #5 This is actually a kid's room. But the colours are fun isnt it?

Idea #6 The only thing i like about ths is the wardrobe.Other than that, nothing. It's too...roomy.

Here's a sneak peek of my room. Nothing impressive YET. Anticipate guys!

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