Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So , going green?

I've done a search on eco friendly clothing lines and i've found out that American Apparel was one of them.

(I've never bought from A.A because , their items are quite pricey and they dont really appeal to me.)

Despite that , im amazed at how environmentally friendly they are!

Firstly , they recycle scraps of clothing and turn them into scrunchies and other accessories.

Also , they use solar panels on their roofs of factories . That can save alot of energy!

Okay , there's another cool thing bout them.

Apparently they came up with a bicycle lending program where they loan bikes out to their employees to travel around the factory areas.

For those who are financially capable , you guys can support A.A!

If you guys are interested in purchasing from American Apparel , you can email me!
I can help purchase :)

No im not advertising for them, i just feel that it's time to go green.


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