Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where is the love?

My teacher showed our class a video today.

Lots of reflections to be done.

People against People , cutting each other's throat.


Why do we not know about the existence of these people?

What has the world become?

Are we gullible or ignorant?

Do we choose not to know?

Let's just face it. We are selfish people.

Kids in Indonesia -

Rather than spending their day in school , learning to read and write , they spend their time at the garbage dump where the smell is horrid and the ground under your feet sinks under your weight.
While we are here eating Mcdonalds , Subway , KFC etc , they are there picking up scraps of food from the ground.

We are all human beings, created by God. Why do we lead such different lives?

We, in Singapore , are leading a comfortable and sheltered life. Far away from all those sufferings and war.

We ought to be guilty.

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